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When Avant-Garde Fashion Collides With Historic Architecture

When Avant-Garde Fashion Collides With Historic Architecture

As one of the most elegant garden houses in Shanghai, its history can be traced back to 1910. At that time, Rong Zongjing, the famous “flour king” of Shanghai, bought the property from the Germans, and after some expansion and renovation, it finally became the famous Rong’s private residence.When Avant-Garde Fashion Collides With Historic Architecture

Back in 2011, Prada made a big decision! Prada has always had a strong connection with contemporary architecture, collaborating with renowned architects on the design of its show spaces. In 2011, Prada leased the house from the descendants of the Pride family and embarked on an epic restoration project to restore the house to its former glory. So, in 2011, Prada leased the house from the descendants of the Wing family and embarked on an epic restoration project to restore this magnificent mansion to its former glory, demonstrating Prada’s respect for China’s aesthetic heritage.

The restoration, which has endeared Prada to countless architecture enthusiasts, is more than a simple restoration; it is a 1:1 restoration that is extremely difficult. After seven years, the meticulously restored Prada mansion is finally open to the public. Such a rich and interesting building has become a must-see attraction in Shanghai through Prada, and has evolved into an important platform for cultural and artistic exchange through art exhibitions and brand events.

Recently, Prada Spring/Summer 2019 collection preview in the Prada Wing House, presenting the latest collections and many new products not yet available, when the avant-garde fashion and the precipitation of the perfect collision, a different charm.

Instantly captured the hearts of young girls, beaded embroidered hair ribbons, the first sight of the heart. A black dress strung up with countless glittering beads, elegant and sexy! Exquisite craftsmanship, the gemstones are first set on the dresses and then tie-dyed, the use of hues is complete and charming.

The Spring/Summer collection is inspired by Miuccia Prada’s private wardrobe, so vintage, elegant and artistic, with A-shaped designs, beaded elements, tie-dye patterns and unique colors, each set has its own flair. The red satin double-breasted jacket from the 90s style is a modern cloak style in silhouette, with a sweet little bow on the collar, and jacquard sports sandals that hide a cool feeling. The soft lambskin short strapless dress with a white shirt and beige cashmere sweater, with the echo of the shoes, this set can be called true – Mary Jane, retro sweet atmosphere is going to spill out of the screen. The sweater and blouse also have custom-made openings in front, a little sexy really skr people.

The Prada Sidonie bag, which debuted in the Pre-Spring 2019 runway show, took the original silhouette and gave it a new dimension, with chic organza pleats and delicate metal hardware on the side. The curves of the Sidonie are a perfect example of modern elegance.When Avant-Garde Fashion Collides With Historic Architecture

For the menswear collection, retro elegance is the most in pose of the season, with the use of highly saturated colors and ultra-short trousers that you can’t take your eyes off. The use of saturated colors and short trouser suits made the men’s collection more vibrant. The most eye-catching item on the show was undoubtedly the “thunderhead hat”, which made people shout, “What the hell is this? Break the stereotype with exotic color blocking patterns that are both edgy and mysterious. The Prada menswear collection is updated with artful abstract prints on the fashion, and the menswear accessories are also exciting. The menswear accessories are also exciting, with the debut of the oversized Galleria bag, which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. A handbag with a nautical motif that can be carried on the shoulder for a summer vacation.

It is also worth noting that a solo exhibition of Chinese painter Liu Ye’s “Fable Narrative” (Storytelling) is now open for public sale at the Prada Wing House, curated by Udo Kittelmann with the support of the Prada Foundation. “Allegorical Narratives” is also the second art exhibition at the Wing House since its reopening in October 2017 following Prada’s restoration, and presents a selection of thirty paintings by Liu Ye from 1992 to the present. Liu Ye’s works reveal a hidden and sensual imagination that draws on Eastern and Western literature, art history and popular culture as sources to create an atmosphere of introspection, purity and suspension. In his work, the signature fairy tale style coexists with a sense of humor and banter.

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