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Top 11 Nice Patio Floor Designs

Top 11 Nice Patio Floor Designs

When it rains, the dirt patio floor gets muddy and it’s very difficult to get around? Today, we are going to share with you the following 11 kinds of nice, simple and low cost garden walkway designs.Top 11 Nice Patio Floor Designs

These personalized walkway design, to the courtyard ground decoration to play a “Finishing touch” Role, rainy days do not have to worry about wet shoes, dirty, come and see.


Diy “Leaf” Personalized walkway

On the patio walkway, laying treads made of leaves, styling style is very different from the traditional walkway ground, visual effect is very good, and practical.

Specific diy steps:First, get the large leaves for making the treads, apply a layer of mixed cement mortar to the page, and when it’s half dry, tear the leaves off and lay them on the patio lawn.

Love the red brick walkway

The following walkway is paved with red brick, but in the very middle, with a red heart pattern, step by step soulless tread instantly filled with love, if you like to create romance, you can try this walkway design.

Direct cement cast-in-place slate, then use the mold to print out, and finally paint red paint can be painted.

Wood + gravel walkway

If you have some old boards or wood left over at home, you can cut the boards and pave them at certain intervals, and sprinkle gravel around them, which will make up a walkway made of different materials.

Note: Because the board may encounter water may be very slippery or moldy, and therefore the surrounding sand and gravel in rainy days also play an anti-slip effect.Top 11 Nice Patio Floor Designs

Geometric walkway

Using red brick and gravel, pave with the walkway pattern envisioned, then follow the geometric pattern for a neat and nice~

Round stone pier walkway

The use of cement mortar and round mold, poured out of the round stone pier, paving stones around, so that cars can also pass, practical and stylized.

Stone walkway

This more modern design, directly on the patio floor slate, surrounded by pebbles, simple but not simple.

Stone + flower walkway

Nowadays, the internet is popular for “Walking on the path of flowers”, which means good wishes. In reality, you can plant some low flowers and plants in the gap between the footsteps of the walkway, and when the flowers grow up, you can really realize the flower walk, romantic and very meaningful ~ ~.

Mosaic tiles + red brick walkway

Mosaic often appears as an embellishment decoration, in fact, you can combine the mosaic and red brick, so that the color is richer, compared to the traditional monotonous cement self-leveling, better looking.

Wood piers walkway

The wood is cut into a pier and then laid evenly on the patio floor for a strong design and a different visual effect.Top 11 Nice Patio Floor Designs

Red brick walkway

A simple brick walkway that also looks special and practical in a patch of grass, and won’t slip in the rain.

Anti-corrosion wood + gravel

Antiseptic wood is often used in outdoor public areas. Cutting and laying antique wood flooring on a patio walkway also has a japanese influence.

I’m finally attracted to the “Leaf” Walkway from the 11 walkway designs i’ve shared.

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