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The “Untold Secrets” Of Floor Design

The “Untold Secrets” Of Floor Design

The single clean, solid color floor tiles are a perfect fit for the minimalist style and create a relaxed, comfortable dining environment.

Don’t you think these are great architectural designs? If you’re interested in architecture, check out our other section – Wall Design.The "Untold Secrets" Of Floor Design

The use of beige tiles integrates the entire living room space into one, echoing the warm light at the top, further upgrading the sense of luxury.

The surface shape of the gorgeous and characteristic tiles, commonly used in the classic european style, the use of similar color flooring and walls, after the completion of the mosaic to form a ground pattern, and the surrounding decorative murals into a whole, creating a strong artistic atmosphere, as if walking in a museum.

The use of marble tiles with their own patterns, simple but textured, and wall materials with the whole space to enhance the sense of unity. At the same time, the low-key color of the bright decoration of the floor to play a supporting role, so that the highlights more attention.The "Untold Secrets" Of Floor Design

With patterned patterns of beige tiles, appropriately increased the room’s artistic and classical atmosphere, with a gorgeous chandelier modeling, high-end materials, sofas, in which you are like being in the western aristocracy’s banquet hall, noble and elegant.

The colorful surface tiles are often used in the american style, through a variety of color contrast impact, reduce the sense of stability of the entire space, instead of a free and casual lively feeling. The side with other decoration to enhance the american style of free and casual, simple nostalgia, practical and comfortable.

Two different styles of floor tiles, clearly marked out the area of different functions, the original space through an artificial way to divide up, visually expand the use of space at the same time, to provide a natural ruler for the furnishings.

The entire dining room is divided into three levels, with white, black and grey as the main body. The gray floor tiles of low-key and heavy so that the black and white sense of space has been sublimated, the overall use of large areas to reduce the sense of separation of space brought about by different colors, so that the space is more unified.

The use of wood flooring, often makes people in the moment they enter the room to produce a sense of closeness to nature and comfort. Compared to other materials, wood flooring has a unique texture and texture, catering to the modern return to nature, the pursuit of rustic psychology, natural and beautiful, in addition to wood flooring feet feel comfortable, fresh and elegant style, as well as the function of regulating indoor humidity.

The light-colored floor tiles and white wall and ceiling echo, visually stretching the space, weakening the space in the middle layer of the original dark sofa’s sense of stability, bringing people comfortable and relaxed feeling.

Every corner of the building has an “Egg” Carefully placed by the designer, and if you observe carefully, you will always find unexpected surprises.

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