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The Ritz SOHO – a stylish building from a great era

The Ritz SOHO – a stylish building from a great era

At the beginning of the new year 2020, Aldeburgh Lighting Group presents its first masterpiece, the stylish high-end building Lize SOHO in Beijing, which will impress with its high architectural aesthetics and the perfect blend of lighting design.
SOHO China’s latest project, The Lize SOHO, is located in the Lize financial and business district of Fengtai District, Beijing, designed by architect Zaha Hadid. The building consists of two complex twin towers connected by arc-shaped steel bridges spanning 9m-35m, and a shaped atrium with a curvature that rises 200 meters, the highest in the world. The steel structure of 18,300 tons, equivalent to 2.5 Eiffel Towers, has a total floor space of 170,000 square meters. In total, the project includes 85 shaped super-tall achievements and more than 50 registered patents, perfectly presenting the dynamic beauty of The Liza SOHO with its technological ingenuity. The building is of high quality, including 4 floors underground and 45 floors above ground, and it is a 5A international super high-rise office building. At the same time, it is located at the intersection of five subway lines, including Line 11, 14 and 16, the Financial Street Line and the New Airport Express Railway.On November 19, 2019, the Lizze SOHO project was officially put into use.

The Ritz SOHO
Founded in 1969, CTBUH is one of the world’s leading associations of tall buildings and urban living. A non-profit focused on the initial stages, design, construction and operation of high-rise buildings and future cities.
Zaha Hadid is a British architect of Iraqi origin, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004. Her architectural works include the 170-meter Milan Glass Tower, the Montpellier Skyscraper and the Dubai Dance Tower. Zaha’s first project in China was the Guangzhou Grand Theatre, followed by the Galaxy SOHO complex in Beijing, the Youth Olympic Center in Nanjing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University building and the Beijing Daxing International Airport.

The Ritz SOHO
Lizze SOHO is a landmark in Beijing’s new Fengtai business district and the fourth landmark project that architect Zaha and SOHO China have collaborated on, following Galaxy SOHO, Wangjing SOHO and Lingkong SOHO, the last in this series. “Reaching the goal is called creating a miracle,” Pan Shiyi said at the building’s opening ceremony. “Today’s realization of Rizal SOHO is a fitting tribute to the memory of Ms. Zaha Hadid (Zaha died in 2016).”
Diagonal split. The design of Ritz SOHO is based on this, with the entire building split in two down the middle, falling on each side of the subway tunnel, wrapped in a façade shell. The space between the two sections stretches from the ground to the roof, rising 194 meters to create the world’s tallest atrium. The atrium is reversed in height so that the upper floors of The Lisel SOHO are oriented in the same direction as The Lisel main road to the north.
In order to present the image of an “eye in the night sky”, the curtain wall of the twin towers is made of dark grey insulating glass, while the atrium curtain wall is made of super white glass, which makes the whole building look like a bright eye in the night sky under the light.
The façade of The Liza SOHO is designed as an ichthyoscopic curtain wall, consisting of more than 4,000 shaped units of glass, no single tower is identical, but each glass can be found on another single tower.
Champion Pro (DALI) from THORN is used in conjunction with Litecom infinity (DALI) from Zumtobel to achieve the perfect overall and dynamic architectural lighting.
Each set of Champion Pro luminaires has 6 light-emitting surfaces that can be individually adjusted for light and dark, two of which can be adjusted for precise angle, and the luminaire as a whole can be adjusted for angle. Each pole and fixture (including each piece) is precisely positioned and adjustable to match the façade of the building. The light poles and luminaires (including each piece) are precisely positioned and adjusted to match the curtain wall of the building, providing different angles of light and darkness for different shaped building facades.

The Ritz SOHO

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