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The Loggia Wall Design Is So Beautiful

The Loggia Wall Design Is So Beautiful

Simple Wood Style

Located in moscow, this home has an area of 110m2 and was designed by ato studio.

The entire living room looks fresh and clean, with grey sofas, wooden bookshelves and marble walls, which break the dullness and add a lot of interest. The marble coffee table, in harmony with the wooden flooring, and the dining room at the back of the living room, with a simple dining table and chairs made of wood, can seat 6 people at the same time. The grey semi-circular chandelier at the top reflects the owner’s personality, and the choice of greenery as an accent makes you feel a breath of fresh air from nature. The white backsplash incorporates vertical lines, and the different spacing is very design-y. The large glass windows bring plenty of light into the room, while also allowing you to enjoy the cityscape outside.The Loggia Wall Design Is So BeautifulThe Loggia Wall Design Is So Beautiful

An open kitchen with wood cabinets occupies three walls for maximum storage. It meets the homeowner’s storage needs and looks clean and elegant. The hallway leading to the bedrooms, with white-toned walls and top lighting, makes the narrow space seem even more spacious.

The master bedroom is also in wood and white tones, in keeping with the modern aesthetic. The textured vertical bars with varying spacing visually increase the height of the walls, and the hidden lighting design also gives the bedroom a cozy atmosphere. Simple bedside lamp, the location of the switch, the processing of all the small details are very attentive, the entire wall of the wardrobe design, not only to meet the needs of storage and the formation of unity with the wall. Wooden dressing table with leaning chair, with lighting function of the makeup mirror, from top to bottom embedded in the wall, luxurious and not overtly. The hole in the side of the wall for storage use, will be comb, leather band and other types of small items hanging on it, it is easy to access and not easily lost.

The study has a three-seater red sofa, bookshelves designed around the side of the window, like the wooden frame of an art painting, and a wider window sill that can be used as a side table. The other window has a desk in front of it, with plenty of natural light and a great view out the window when you look up. A wall storage compartment is handy for recent reading bookshelves. The children’s room has an interesting design, with two colors of mosaic wood flooring, a house frame bed, and a fun nightstand, which is very popular with children. The small chalkboard on the cabinet door can be used as a children’s coloring board and a desk with adjustable desk angle, which is convenient for children to read, write and draw.The Loggia Wall Design Is So Beautiful

The bathroom uses warm lighting, dry and wet separation design, can easily solve the problem of moisture, sink with storage function, mirror cabinet, hidden light band, fine texture of the wall, mixed together to create a light extravagant texture.

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