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The 7 Entry Floor Designs To Make A Great First Impression

The 7 Entry Floor Designs To Make A Great First Impression

Life is very particular about the first impression, the first time to the home as a guest to see what kind of scene, will have a new owner of a new assessment, so the design of the door needs to be very attentive, the following to share a variety of ground design for the door, choose a style that suits you, make a good first impression of the home.The 7 Entry Floor Designs To Make A Great First Impression

Tile modeling

The floor tile mosaic is more suitable for some modern and european decoration, through a variety of colors and textures of the floor tile mosaic, you can install a visual extension of the artistic sense, while looking very upscale.

The black and white matching entrance door, as soon as you enter the door, you will feel the modern and young atmosphere.

Antique brick

Antique brick is suitable for american related decoration, through the unique antique brick, let people feel a unique vintage upscale, elegant and dignified:

① no edge line directly to the antique brick against the wall position, more simple and neat.

② have a closing line, around the wall position to do a circle of closing line, the middle stick antique tiles, so the effect appears more upscale and design sense.

Around the flower tiles, the effect is very artistic atmosphere

Colorful hemline to give customers a unique first impression.


Before we have also introduced a number of cases about the flower tiles, generally used in the kitchen, bathroom or balcony, in fact, it is also very artistic to stick it to the ground of the entrance, also very artistic.

The hexagonal tiles, the artistic sense is fuller.

Wood grain tiles

Because the entrance is easy to dirty, often make health to the wooden floor damage is too big, if the living room paved the floor, but also hope that the ground of the whole house more harmonious and unified, let the entrance and living room ground keep similar texture; then may as well in the entrance of the ground paste imitation wood grain tiles, practical and beautiful both.The 7 Entry Floor Designs To Make A Great First Impression

Grey cement blocks

For minimalist modern wind decoration, fashionable black and white with gray is a more classic color scheme; and the entrance ground tiles if you can with senior gray color makeup, then the effect is also quite fashionable upscale.

The old texture of the floor tiles, more resistant to dirt and have a sense of art.The 7 Entry Floor Designs To Make A Great First Impression

Wooden floor

If the community as a whole is more clean and sanitary, then directly in the ground floor of the entrance to the wooden floor and then put a carpet, so that with the overall space of the wood texture is stronger, more natural and comfortable.

Hexagonal tile + floor combo

Hexagonal tiles through a variety of color combinations, you can install a honeycomb-like art atmosphere, in the seam with the floor in a non-linear intersection, the overall mix appears more geometric design of art, and then through the different colors of the hexagonal tile color clash, it looks more beautiful!

The six-sided tiles in black, white and grey are in harmony with the natural texture of the wood flooring and look beautiful and sophisticated.

Don’t you think these are wonderful designs for the ground? If you’re interested in the ground, check out our other sections-Floor Design

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