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Stunning Wall Designs And Color Combinations

Stunning Wall Designs And Color Combinations

The bedroom, as a rest and sleep space after a busy day, the decoration of which is considered one of the most important, a warm and comfortable bedroom, allowing the owner to rest and relax, restore the spirit to meet the next day’s work life. Today, this book will tell you about the bedroom wall design and color matching.Stunning Wall Designs And Color Combinations

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classic white space

White as a classic flow of color, is a practical and durable color; and later expansion is also stronger, such as to install a projector, white walls can be directly projected, without the need for additional curtains; so if you struggle with what color wall is good, simply paint white simple and generous!Stunning Wall Designs And Color Combinations

Premium Grey

Gray as a classic color of simple fashion, very durable. However, gray to brush the senior is not easy, it is very particular about the overall atmosphere of the color matching, otherwise it is easy to appear depressed, usually gray walls will be paired with some more active soft furnishings; so with gray walls of the bedroom, you can use a more lively tone in the bed sheets, curtains and other soft furnishings. And walnut bed and desk, with gray walls, white cabinets, hard personality, warm light, can also add warmth.

Blue Romance

Blue is a relatively quiet and fresh shade, which can be paired with a unique romantic atmosphere. This color is usually used more in children’s rooms, also this color is used in the master bedroom and other bedroom space, the effect is also quite good, the atmosphere is very peaceful and comfortable.Stunning Wall Designs And Color Combinations

Pretty in Pink (movie)

From the “pink beauty” the word look can easily feel the pink is generally more suitable for women, is also generally used in girls room inside. Of course, some adult dreamy type of girls also like to decorate the bedroom in pink, the effect is quite romantic and lovely.

lush greenery

Green is a fresh hue full of life and can make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Paint your bedroom green and let yourself lie in a spring, comfortable, relaxed, and enjoyable space full of coziness.

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