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Multiple Stone Wall Designs

Multiple Stone Wall Designs

Stone has been a popular decorative material since ancient times, from the East to the West. Their unique elegance, nature, and strength make them a wide range of high-end design materials for architectural and interior designers. They can be used on building facades, indoor walls and floors, as well as in the design of furniture.Multiple Stone Wall Designs

With the gradual decline of stone as a non-renewable resource, along with the progress of human civilization, people have invented artificial stone (concrete), brick facing materials, artificial marble, etc. to gradually replace natural stone, and those scarce natural stone is also increasingly concentrated in higher-end hotel, commercial space decoration.

Today we have searched for beautiful details to illustrate a variety of stone wall coverings (both red brick and artificial stone) to give you, the reader, some ideas on how to make the best use of these precious stones. Stone that can be used outdoors must have a solid structure that can resist oxidation and UV rays in order to maintain its decorative and protective wall function in the harsh outdoor sun and rain environments. Open fluted patchwork treatments are common abroad, giving buildings a more rustic and natural look.Multiple Stone Wall Designs

It is a common technique used in landscape decoration, full of artistic and natural sense. Terrazzo uses the leftover fragments of natural stone after processing, which saves stone and is beautiful and sturdy at the same time. The clever combination of using slotted patchwork makes the plain stairs three-dimensional and exquisite. A decorative method with a strong sense of three-dimensionality, it needs to test the level of design and stone processing. The marble pattern and the installation of the joints are very demanding, which determines the decorative effect and is therefore very expensive. Such luxury decoration is generally only used in star hotels, clubs and villas. Very test installation process.Multiple Stone Wall Designs

A decorative style commonly used in Japanese restaurants that has a very natural, rustic flavor. The sink surface looks like it was 3D printed. Stone used for furniture often serves only one purpose, to make this furniture look natural and luxurious.

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