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Multi-Functional Stadium Architectural Design

Multi-Functional Stadium Architectural Design

The building aims to be a system that harmoniously integrates the new expected uses with a space of high-quality landscaping and urbanity, with various proposed activities with a strong symbolic character. An open, flexible urban facility is generated that allows the development of various contents and promotes social integration.Multi-Functional Stadium Architectural Design

The building materializes as a container, which is strategically positioned on the premises, with compelling formalization given its character as a large-scale urban and metropolitan facility. Its main access is formalized as an arch/portal that becomes an outdoor stage. The black box and the translucent skin.

The building is made up of two textures. The black box, the interior of the event space, which contains a court, seats and logistics associated with stages, shows and services. It is materialized by a solid volume.Multi-Functional Stadium Architectural Design

The envelope delimits a transition space between the interior and the exterior, where the interaction, circulation spaces, distribution halls and a multi-height main hall are located, a skin made up of a “light” Metal structure and a translucent polycarbonate enclosure, generating controlled openings and closings. “At night: A lightbox in the park. During the day: A diffuse clear interior”.

The multipurpose plaza is located adjacent to the avenues varela and larranaga, in order to channel the flows of movement of people and to generate a larger front made up of the building and the park. A clear space of urban scale that provides perspective, distance and time to approach the new building.Multi-Functional Stadium Architectural Design

Defined as a large avenue, continuous and warped, it fluidly organizes the different levels of access to the arena. The large space of the entrance access defines the character of the building and its vocation as an urban landmark.

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