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Modern Minimalist Wall Design Without Cliche

Modern Minimalist Wall Design Without Cliche

This is a set of modern minimalist style decorating case, blending the cultural qualities of east and west, making a neutral interpretation between classical and modern, using rich decorative textures and bold soft furnishings, allowing each room to show its unique charm. We hope this set of decoration examples can bring some inspiration to everyone who is preparing to decorate.Modern Minimalist Wall Design Without Cliche

When you enter the entrance, you are facing the dining room. With gorgeous chandeliers and exquisite bouquets of cutlery, the dining space is also so tall.

The dining room looks like the living room, with a unique ceiling and lighting design, making the space more layered. Exquisite wall paintings and decorations enhance the style. The clever use of ceiling design for dining room partition, to make the space less monotonous, wall painting can not be denied.

The living room is mainly in black, white and gray as the main colors, fashionable and atmospheric without losing sophistication.

A table, a chair, a bookshelf, a simple study is presented in front of you. The bookshelf uses mirrored elements, creating a unique visual aesthetic.

The design of the master bedroom presents a futuristic decorative style, with a sci-fi feel to the overall tone of silver grey. The white wardrobe meets daily clothing storage needs. The wall painting brings a unique look and feel to the space, presenting a different kind of beauty.

The second bedroom has a slightly classical style, creating a quiet and elegant sleeping space. The large floor-to-ceiling windows with window screens bring a hazy beauty, and the dark bedside backdrop and white bed linen make the space more layered.Modern Minimalist Wall Design Without Cliche

The large area of white tiles in the bathroom to make the space more concise and transparent, leisure time in the built-in bathtub is also excellent to take a beautiful bath, with the owner’s carefully selected bouquets, a small mood full of. The use of glass partition, dry and wet separation of effective prevention of moisture emission.

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