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Marble Floor Design And Paving Strategy

Marble Floor Design And Paving Strategy

When you renovate a villa.there will be all kinds of worries.among them is the floor of your own villa.how should it be laid out?What materials and methods do you need to use to be comfortable and tasteful?Let’s discuss floor coverings with you today!Marble Floor Design And Paving Strategy

Interior flooring paving

Many people in the choice of indoor flooring materials will choose natural marble, marble natural texture unique features, texture senior, has been the first choice of luxury homes. Marble paving method is rich and varied, such as: Common straight shop, diamond shop, exquisite back to type shop, noble combination shop…all make the marble has a more perfect presentation.

Chasing the grain is paved

Paving is the most common marble paving, texture show all at once, but only suitable for simple modern style, if with european may be slightly monotonous, then you have to use other paving program.

Mix and match is paved

The irregular paving with 2-3 different textures of marble has a strong character and is ideal for large spaces.

Mix and match inclined pavers

The two types of marble in and wall and ground level line is 45 ° for alternate slanting paving, greatly enhance the three-dimensional sense of space, very suitable for aisles, corridors and other spaces.Marble Floor Design And Paving Strategy

Reverse lay-up

In the marble four borders with different colors, textures of the long stone, thus forming a “Back” In the whole ground sense of the word. Back to the type paving fashionable atmosphere, very close to the marble space temperament. In addition to single layer back to the word shop, can also be stacked edge or combination of collage use, beauty doubled.

Striped paved

The two different marbles can be laid side by side alternately, either the same width or one wide and one narrow, or they can be assembled into a wave shape, presenting a striped space effect.

Dot matrix tiling

For a low profile and nice look, dotted pavers are a great solution. Use small sizes as accents at the corners of each sheet for a warm and lovely look.

Irregular cutting combination

The stone is cut into triangles and parallelograms of different sizes and paved in creative combinations.


The use of different colors of marble to distinguish the space, so that the space area of the transport more clear and clear, more sense of design.Marble Floor Design And Paving Strategy


So that traditional paving will not look too monotonous, increase the sense of space and make the space more dynamic.

Natural stone is rich in texture and color, has been increasingly applied to the current decorative design, when large areas are paved, through cutting and processing, can produce endless styling changes and beauty! Different paving methods have very different effects, and even the decorative grade can vary!

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