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Marble Floor Copper Strip Inlay Design Reference

Marble Floor Copper Strip Inlay Design Reference

Traditionally, marble and brass are the exclusive decorative materials of the rich and powerful, and would not easily be considered for introduction into a home design. But in fact, marble can also create a sense of minimalist elegance. Now the international popular material combination of marble with brass, shine in the home. Full of texture, but also sharp and natural, with a bit of industrial style, worth your try.Marble Floor Copper Strip Inlay Design Reference

Marble mellow restraint, brass texture senior, designers use these two characteristics, marble and brass seamlessly gathered together, pass out the atmosphere and grace, dignified and noble. In the visual formation of a strong artistic tension, easy to create a fashionable and exquisite modern home. Stone Study Club (IDstone5A)

The marble with golden copper strips on the marble is luxurious and at the same time makes you feel the art, like a marble art painting.

In the marble and copper collocation, showing a mysterious, stable, luxurious, noble space. Let people walk into the can feel a noble atmosphere in the surrounding clouds.

Don’t you think these are great architectural designs? If you’re interested in architecture, check out our other section – Wall Design.Marble Floor Copper Strip Inlay Design Reference

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