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“Living” Wall Art

“Living” Wall Art

A bare painted wall always looks so drab and uninteresting, as if even the air in the home is tainted with this feeling. If you want to break this dilemma and want to make your home design extraordinarily colorful, you want to label your home with personality and fashion …… Since there are so many needs, then this issue of wall design and color matching is something you will not want to miss.

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As the saying goes, “All roads lead to rome”, there are many ways to create the ultimate eye-catching wall modeling, but in summary, it is through the following two ways: One is through a mix and match design between different materials to present the ultimate fun visual effects, and one is through hanging paintings, screens, wall hangings, porcelain and other decorative artwork to create a visual focal point. Like this to go wild.

So the question is: What inspirations can we draw from, and what general rules can we follow in our specific design operations? Let’s take these questions and get into the specific case studies below!

Natural stone wall interpretation of interesting design

The irregular shape of the natural stone wall is a visual sensation of hardness and natural magnificence, which reminds you of a beautiful mountain and a river. Build a stone wall like this in your home, either directly exposed or painted in various colors, and use it with the lacquered wall on both sides or monochrome wallpaper and wall cloth, the strong contrast shows a different kind of interest and style.


In this set of cases, the background wall made of pebbles reaches to the roof and is painted in white, while abstract art paintings in bright green are hung on the wall, connecting the glacier grey walls on both sides, which becomes the most eye-catching layout in the space.


Marble with a natural texture texture is also a good choice for decorative background wall, of course, if you like the texture but do not want to use bare stone decorative home space, the use of high-density texture of marble tiles, etc. Is also possible. In this set of cases, full of cold noble texture of the deep aquamarine wallpaper and whitewashed into a silver marble backdrop to create a fashionable extravagant sense of sight experience, with gray, purple and other cold interior decoration, as well as the light changes, the whole room exudes a mysterious charm.Living Wall Art

Wood decoration to create beautiful wall art

Woodworking is quite popular in modern home décor, and it offers a variety of benefits. Usually we choose to decorate the space as an all-wood background, with the intention of showing a high-end extravagant, understated and calm inner feeling. Today, we will provide a new creative design to teach you how to play with the woodwork.


In this set of cases, toffee colored wood combined with peacock blue wall cloth is used in the living room and study space, the cold and warmth of the soft and rigid collision reconciliation highlights the elegant romantic charm, and become the absolute protagonist in the space compelling.

In addition to this kind of application, the beautiful grid of wood background is also the perfect choice to create a stunning wall art. The grid of woodwork and wall colors is like a candy wrapped in a beautiful coat of colors, which is a wonderfully seductive way to stimulate the senses. Among them, the refreshing and natural blue, white and white green tones are a good hand in interpreting temperament.


The fresh and natural mint color has been a seasonal pop of color that is loved by people, especially for spring and summer. It’s like a breeze that blows on your bright face and into your heart as well. Bringing this color into your home, the mint green grid of woodwork combined with white walls looks very fresh and refreshing, as if bathed in a shallow lake, light and poetic.


On the lake, you can enjoy the color of spring in the forest and the fragrance of flowers on the branches. In combination with the application of grid-like woodwork, whether it is green on a white background or white on a green background, the pure and bright colors can make people perceive the brightness and lushness of spring.


Blue, like the ocean, is refreshing and majestic, especially the deep blue tone, as if walking into the deep sea, calm in the highlight of the mystery, free in the overflowing refreshing pleasant. The harbor blue bone will bring such a temperament. The harbor blue grid-like woodwork applied in the dining room, reflecting the pure white wall background, divided into a small grid of rhyme is very chic.Living Wall Art

Hanging and wall color collision with

If you want to use paintings, screens, wall hangings, porcelain and other hanging art to create a space of eye-catching points, one should pay special attention to the decorative pattern style to match the theme of the room, the second decorative color selection to form a clear perception. Usually in the case of the background color has been set, the best color selection of the pendant and the background color to form a collision of contrasts, so that you can use the contrast between the color tension to create visual landing point.


The blue and orange combination is definitely one of the best color combinations. When the amorous orange meets the cool blue, it’s like an encounter between a lady and a gentleman, and it’s a very graphic rendering that captivates the entire senses. In this case, the white background orange geometric wallpaper as background, the designer is very relevant to the theme of choice of a bright blue cloisonné art wall painting, layered color as if the surge of seawater, let the whole sense of sight are “Live” Up.

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