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It Looks Better On Taller Walls

It Looks Better On Taller Walls

This contemporary residence, located in São Paulo, was designed by the young designer Nildo José. It was designed by the young designer Nildo José. On one side of the wall in the entrance, a rectangular marble table top is placed. The white sculpture above is modern and the walls are decorated with simple lines that echo the lines of the picture frame. The coffee table surface in the living room, and the decorative wall behind the TV. Also decorated in marble, it has a strong overall feel. The recliner is the highlight of the living room, combining comfort and beauty at the same time.

The removable ladder helps to reach high items with ease. The light fabric sofa echoes the rug, and the orange leather seat by the coffee table can be used for decoration or as a seat, which is both beautiful and practical. Opposite the sofa, two different colored seats are added to match the calla lilies on the coffee table, making this light-colored living room more vibrant. There is also a small removable coffee table next to the sofa with several interesting glass jars of different shapes and sizes on it.It Looks Better On Taller Walls

The wall combination wall lamp, one end extends above the sofa, for lighting purposes. The other end shines towards the picture frame, which enhances the atmosphere of the living room. The dining room is in the same area as the open kitchen. The undecorated ceiling contrasts sharply with the design of the chandelier. The vertical stripes on the grey walls also stretch the floor height. The kitchen island, with the same marble as in the entrance, has cabinets that increase the storage space in the kitchen.

The fully enclosed balcony is cleverly designed with different styles of lounge areas to the left and right. On the left is a double sofa, coffee table and single seat, while on the right is a round dining table. Sitting by the window for occasional meals is also unique.

The guest bathroom is next to the living room, also using a lot of marble elements, and the main colors of the bedroom are just simple black, white and grey, with white walls in line with the dining room, with herringbone wood floors.

A removable ladder has also been placed in the cloakroom, which saves space and increases the use of the wardrobe. The backdrop behind the bed, along with the headboard, is in black, which is simple yet airy. In the corner of the room, a blue sofa chair and a floor lamp with a strong sense of line are placed, which looks very competent.

The study uses a calm, dark color palette, with a dark marble desk and wooden bookshelves that extend directly to the walls. , desk lamp, office chair and colorful books add a touch of color to the entire study.

The bathroom as a whole is simple and clean in marble and wood, with vertical striped textured walls that connect to the ceiling, echoing the front design of the living space. The wooden long black towel rack is distinctive.

The shower area is small, with a small section of glass separating one side to prevent water from splashing out.

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