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Flooring Design 99% Of People Get It Wrong! Here’s The Truth

Flooring Design 99% Of People Get It Wrong! Here’s The Truth

Previously along with the prevalence of scandinavian style, light and gold colored floors were once popular.Flooring Design 99% Of People Get It Wrong! Here's The Truth

With the trend towards bright colors in home accessories in 2017, dark floors such as grey and dark brown floors became a high-quality synonym for understated luxury.

The patchwork mix of different colored floors presents a geometrically regular beauty. The weakening of the texture, which gives way to contrasting colors and patterns, is a source of creative inspiration. The tiles are glossy and clean, while the floral tiles have a rich character and are laid on the floor cleanly and with a sense of life. There are many types of tiles, different tiles are laid in different places and locations.

Tile purchase tips

  1. Polished tiles easy to dirty, non-slip performance in general, is not recommended to do floor tiles.
  2. Glass tiles wear-resistant high, dirty, suitable for living room paving.
  3. Glazed tiles colorful non-slip good, generally used for kitchen and bathroom.
  4. Mosaic tile pressure is strong, not easy to break, acid, alkali resistance, wear resistance, impermeable to water, many people will be designed in the bathroom to do decoration.

Since last year, the flower tiles have become popular, and are still a big hit in the tile field.

The small flower tiles in the movie “Love in the time of cholera” Nineteenth century european mansion home style is particularly classic ~ gray and white tones based on sexually cool wind small flower tiles, even if the pattern will not look cluttered . This year’s flower tile camp joined the relatively neat “Geometric army”, its aesthetic sense of regular shape can neutralize the aesthetic fatigue brought by the messy flower tiles.Flooring Design 99% Of People Get It Wrong! Here's The Truth

The blue and purple color has the dream and romance of van gogh style, with an emerald green branch, showing more vitality and beauty.

Geometric composition to make the shape neat and rich in change, it should be noted that the ground decoration of the preliminary work is mainly design and collocation, but maintenance and maintenance is also essential.

Tiling can not be done seamlessly paving, will inevitably produce gaps. Even beautiful tiles shop long, tile cracks will become dirty and black. And it affects cleaning and even breeds bacteria. And the way to maintain it is simple. There are many tile hook fillers currently on the market. And the seamstress that became so popular when it was introduced. With the advantages of decorative practicality and cost performance, it has become the first choice of filler.

It is composed of polymer, high-grade pigment and micro additives. The surface is smooth, easy to scrub, waterproof and moisture resistant. It will always maintain the original color of the tiles. And it will not stain the tiles during construction.

Traditional caulk is basically white only. If you encounter dark tiles or wood grain tiles. White gaps will instantly break the dark tile’s steady, airy presence. And the “Filler function” Of the seamstress. It can make even a simple white hexagonal tile look stylish and modern.

Don’t you think these are great architectural designs? If you’re interested in architecture, check out our other section – Wall Design.Flooring Design 99% Of People Get It Wrong! Here's The Truth


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