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Big Logos Transformed Into Stylish Homes, It’s Stunning

Big Logos Transformed Into Stylish Homes, It’s Stunning

Polish architect Karina Wiciak of Wamhouse Studio transforms flat 2D graphics into 3D buildings made of concrete and glass, inspired by the logos of world-renowned brands such as adidas, Chevrolet, Renault and Mitsubishi. The design of Trihouse, Crosshouse, Rhombhouse and Pyrahouse is so strong and recognizable that one can’t help but imagine what it would be like to live in such a space.

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From an architectural point of view, the adidas logo-inspired Trihouse, with its sloping concrete and floor-to-ceiling windows and interior staircase, is an intriguing interplay of lines and geometric shapes that test the eye to see which is the horizon, and which adidas fans and non-adidas fans alike will want to visit.


The Ringshouse, a clear homage to Audi’s four circles, looks a bit like a tunnel from afar, but the piles of straw in front of the door, the driveway with a mountain view, and the pool in the backyard transform Ringhouse into a small, secluded mansion.Big Logos Transformed Into Stylish Homes, It's Stunning


Mitsubishi’s three diamond-shaped logo is brought to life in the Pyrahouse. The triangle of floor-to-ceiling windows and concrete forms an A-shaped structure, from which the interior is divided into three separate spaces that can be divided according to function, or where users can live together but maintain their own space.Big Logos Transformed Into Stylish Homes, It's Stunning


Created from Renault’s diamond-shaped logo, the Rhombhouse’s cramped foundation may at first glance call into question the stability of the house, yet once that technicality is overcome, the picture-framed, picture-framed seaside cottage, where the vacationers vacation, teaches envy and jealousy.Big Logos Transformed Into Stylish Homes, It's Stunning


The Crosshouse is situated on the water in the shape of a cross in the logo of the car brand Chevrolet. The front of the building is connected by concrete walls with large expanses of glass, providing excellent views. The main social area is flanked by large spaces to the left and right, such as a large kitchen, dining room, living room and reading room, while the back side of the building houses the bedrooms.

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