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Baby-Friendly And Fun Wall Designs For Kids’ Rooms

Baby-Friendly And Fun Wall Designs For Kids’ Rooms

The key considerations for many of our readers regarding children’s room design are generally safety, fun, variability, and the fact that as children grow, parents must continue to make adjustments based on their child’s stage of development in order for them to grow up healthy and happy.Baby-Friendly And Fun Wall Designs For Kids' Rooms

So what exactly should you consider when designing a children’s room? We’ve interviewed some of our readers who have renovated their homes, and we’re going to choose a few commonly related issues to share with you Oh!

The children’s room was painted with magnetic chalkboard paint on one side and wallpapered on the other. The chalkboard wall styling was done for me by the designer, and now it is not only a haven for the child’s creativity, but also creates a welcoming atmosphere.

In order to nurture children’s imagination and to take into account children’s love of graffiti, many designers suggest designing a chalkboard wall in children’s rooms to create a space for children to let their dreams fly.

Nowadays, there is also magnetic paint, so children’s works can be directly “sucked” on the wall to record their growth. There are many different ways to use and design chalkboard walls in your home, for example: There is a kind of envy, called other people’s chalkboard walls.

Children’s room design must reflect the fun, such as the climbing wall, swings, sandbags, etc. are put into the children’s room, accompanying the healthy and happy growth of children, but also help to interact with children.

This design of putting climbing walls into children’s rooms is very common in foreign families and is a great experiment in China, but the most important thing in this design is the safety of children.

For example, the above picture is a Copenhagen home where the owners are designers, so they put a climbing wall into the children’s room, not only for children to play, but also as a hook to hang clothes and other items. Click here to see the full case study: learning to use space efficiently with a Copenhagen designer.

The picture above is a Taiwanese family, the owner moved the slide, swing and piano into the living room for the sake of the children’s healthy growth, and it’s very stunning, it feels like the whole house is a children’s room! Click on the link to see the full case study: what a surprise! He’s got a slide and a swing in his living room!

First paint the whole house three times with latex paint, then paste the outline of the pattern with beauty paper, then paint three times with latex paint, Sage uncovered the beauty paper and fixed the corners with an oil brush, green is the brother’s room, pink is the sister’s room.

This style of wall painting should be sunken below the middle of the height, so that the house appears tall and fits the child’s height, without having to look up.

The reader’s little full house children’s room with latex paint and beauty paper, in fact, in the decoration of latex paint is still a very common common wall materials, but the most important consideration in the choice of wall paint is environmental protection. So it’s best to choose a big brand with guaranteed quality.

For example, we are doing internal sales of the German Albena wall paint, is recognized as a very good environmental performance of the wall paint, especially in children’s paint, very popular among mothers. Read this article to learn more about the impact of children’s room colors on children.

In addition, Albena wall paint has a reader inside sale activity oh, super cheap, scan the following two-dimensional code contact the editor, into the inside sale group to understand, but also can enjoy the exclusive customer service.

It’s important to customize the child’s room with the right color for the child, because as they grow older, their preferences will change.

So I chose neutral colors, blue is calming and can make children concentrate, green is good for the eyes, and the combination of the two also helps to develop children’s imagination. And geometric shapes can effectively improve children’s imagination, so I chose geometric shapes of hills and clouds, which I loved after the decoration.Baby-Friendly And Fun Wall Designs For Kids' Rooms

Reader kimloo is very professional, mainly from the soft assembly color and psychological point of view to share the children’s room wall design.

It’s really important to nurture children’s imagination, and it’s best to take this into account before decorating, and children are more hyperactive, so if you can calm them down through color, it’s also helpful to develop their thinking skills.

Some readers do not know much about home coloring, you can click on this article to learn: learn these home coloring methods, value increased by 50 points!

Secondly limloo also mentioned the use of geometric elements in children’s rooms, in fact, in addition to children’s rooms, many places in the home environment can use geometric shapes to play the role of the finishing touch: geometric elements are becoming popular, do you like it?

In environmental considerations, the children’s room without too much decoration, a full set of solid wood + iron furniture, and be aware that, even if it is solid wood furniture, but also to minimize the use of finger-jointed board (multiple pieces of wood spliced together, similar to the fingers of two hands crossed butt, so called finger-jointed board).

I didn’t find too good a wallpaper for the walls and opted for latex paint. Since I really like to travel with my kids, I added a world map decoration to create the feeling of the great sea era (the map is wooden), and put it on myself.

Apart from the walls, the furniture is the biggest environmental concern in the renovation, and iron furniture is a good choice. There are also solid wood furniture is also more secure group, can also play a role in regulating indoor humidity.

With the prevalence of custom homes, now home cabinets, chairs, beds, etc. can be customized, if you also like solid wood furniture, I recommend to you “old Deng said furniture”, he is a solid wood especially hardwood furniture experts, specializing in North American black walnut, Burma teak, maple and other hardwood furniture custom, you can add editorial WeChat, pull you into the “hardwood home customization group” to learn more.

The reader airvee also uses latex paint, but can see that the reader is initially looking for a wallpaper, wallpaper is also a re-popular wall materials, many readers tend to go on foreign websites to see, because of the beauty, environmental protection, the choice of space and large.

Before the special inventory for you, like wallpaper readers can revisit: 10 new wallpaper, God as if open hanged.

In addition to wallpaper, also want to recommend to you and wallpaper is very similar to the wall material – wall cloth.

This hot melt glue wall covering, I stumbled upon it last year when I was shopping in the market. Speaking of glue, many people will recite the recipe “aldehydes not glue”, but this common sense in front of modern technology, seems to be a bit narrow.

Some people are “smelling glue color change”, hot melt glue as an environmentally friendly materials, bad luck on the stained with a “glue” word. But when you think about it, isn’t there a word “glue” in gum arabic, peach glue, propolis, fish glue, etc.?

Hot Glue is actually a plastic adhesive whose physical state changes with temperature within a certain temperature range, but its chemical properties remain unchanged, and is non-toxic and tasteless.

The product itself is solid, easy to package, transport, storage, solvent-free, non-polluting, non-toxic; and the production process is simple, high added value, high bonding strength, speed and other advantages and is very popular.

Tianyang wall cloth is made of polyester fabric with exclusive patent technology and can be bonded to the wall through hot ironing technology. With the international SGS environmental test report, the environmental protection is absolutely guaranteed.

This fabric is widely used in high-grade suits, such as Armani, and such as Maniform and other women’s underwear, high-grade cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW will also use this material.

Now there are also hot melt glue on the market, but they are film-like, day Yang’s is a mesh, and adding bamboo charcoal fiber, breathable and environmentally friendly.

The bonding material used is for clothing, harmless to the human body, so you can ensure safer homes. Using no glue, iron on the wall process, say goodbye to warping, open seams, rolled edges and other problems.

And you can move in the same day you put it on. There is no odor after the wall cloth is put on the wall, with antibacterial and anti-mildew properties.

Tianyang wall covering is especially interesting, which is ironed on with an iron. In addition to the above-mentioned, there are many other types of wall materials available for children’s rooms: how to choose environmentally friendly wall materials when you have a baby at home?

When I cut into the wall to make a built-in bookshelf, now regret, should smash a whole wall, children’s picture books have been stuffed (cry). In addition with a solid wood hole board, with the heart with the build, storage power is still max!

Children’s room wall decoration in addition to aesthetics, but also pay attention to storage Oh, such as readers, small geranium, did a niche to do the bookshelf storage, but because the advance did not consider it thoroughly, so the niche space has not enough.

In addition to the hole board storage function is not to mention, the net red storage artifacts, before being a lot of it: too much stuff no place to put? This board gives you an extra 20m2 of floor space in no time.

Don’t you think these are wonderful designs for the ground? If you’re interested in the ground, check out our other sections-Floor Design

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